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Tax deduction & tax allowances for students assessed in Germany

Tax, an exciting topic and also extremely important for students. Did you know your tuition fees are tax deductible? Or that if you complete your distance learning part-time and are above the tax-free allowance for students, you can even claim the full amount? We give you an overview of the most important things about the tax return and the allowance for students.

It gives you the opportunity to recuperate the costs of your further training proportionally from tax. In principle, you can claim your tuition fees up to a fixed amount or even in full on your tax return. How much that is in each individual case depends on your individual situation. Literature and travel expenses, for example, are also deductible.

Would you like to deduct your distance learning from tax as part of an initial training course? Then the following conditions apply:

  • The tax expenses are declared as special expenses.
  • You can claim a maximum of € 6,000 per year.
  • The prerequisite is that it is your first degree.
  • Your studies must not be operationally caused.

If you have already successfully completed vocational training, you will start your so-called second training with your studies at ISM. You can orientate yourself with the following points:

  • The amount that can be claimed for tax purposes depends on your gross income.
  • To claim tuition fees, your gross income must be above the student tax exemption limit.
  • If this is the case, you can deduct the full amount of your tuition fees from tax as income-related expenses.

If you take up your distance learning course part-time and have already completed vocational training, the last model is an attractive option for tax breaks.


The tax-free allowance for students

The allowance for students is set every year. As soon as you are above this student tax exemption limit, you will pay tax on your income. You can get this back using your income tax return. Disclosing your study costs will reduce your taxable income and you can receive a tax refund.

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What is tax deductible?

You can deduct the following from tax:

  • Tuition fees / Interest paid for your degree course
  • Books / specialist literature relevant to the course
  • Office materials
  • Postage
  • Travel expenses
  • Accommodation costs
  • If necessary your computer or your laptop

 Please note that a degree cannot be claimed against tax if you are doing it out of self-interest or as a hobby.


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Do you have any questions about taxes and the student tax allowance?

For distance students, especially if the course is completed part-time, it is usually worthwhile to take a closer look at taxes and the tax-free allowance for students. If you have any questions about taxes, please contact a tax advisor.

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