Study Coaches

Distance learning with individual and personal support – from lecturers to Study coaches

The innovative distance learning program at ISM combines the digital form of studying with a personal support concept. We see the key to learning success in individual coaching and being close to our students. In order to meet your requirements for successful distance learning, our Module coordinators and Study coaches will look after you on your way to graduation in addition to the lecturers. So you always get answers to professional questions from teaching experts and full support from the ISM study advisors on questions about the program, effective time management and efficient learning strategies.


Study coaches – together to a successful graduation

Our Study coaches are the first point of contact when choosing a course and will advise you comprehensively before starting your distance learning course. The Study coaches then ensure that you start your distance learning program at ISM successfully, take care of everything organizational and equip you with everything you need for your time at ISM. During the entire duration of your studies, you can contact the study advisor with any questions you may have about target-oriented distance learning. They are at your side with advice and help on all of the following points:

  • If you have questions about the course of studies and the design.
  • If you would like to receive information about exams.
  • When you need help with efficient time management and your goal setting.
  • If you are looking for suitable learning strategies.
  • If you need help with exams that you failed.


You can quickly and easily get in touch with the Study coaches via the student dashboard in the e-campus or send your questions to the Study coaches by email, telephone and video chat. They will be happy to put you in touch with suitable contact persons and arrange appointments with our specialist staff in the career centre, for example. At ISM, you can always rely on being looked after individually and personally by our Study coaches.

Your advantages of distance learning at a glance



Exciting elective subjects that complement and deepen the chosen program.


Time-independent study that can be integrated into everyday life..


Study where it is most beautiful - thanks to absolute independence of location.


Reliable support from experienced and renowned professors.


A wide variety of learning media simplify sustainable access to complex topics.
#Commiliton Network

#Commiliton Network

Connect with like-minded people and simply achieve more together.

The innovative support concept of ISM with teachers, module experts and Study coaches

Our Study coaches are part of an innovative support concept that we have implemented at ISM. In this way we ensure that our students receive the best support. In addition to the Study coaches, who are available for general questions about distance learning, our permanent or freelance teachers are there for you when it comes to technical topics, teaching content and feedback on exercises. These are usually also involved in correcting exams. Like the Study coaches, the teaching staff can also be reached quickly and easily via the e-campus, the module forums or by email or chat. And because you are not tied to any place or time with your distance learning, you can ask your questions from anywhere in the world and read the answer on the way to work, during a break in the café or in your home office.

In addition to the Study coaches and teachers, our Module coordinators are also there for you. You will meet them once a month for a live event within your current module. In the context of a webinar, they:

  • answer subject-specific questions
  • refer to current topics interview
  • invited guests from the field


As part of the distance learning program, you can exchange information with the module coordinators and obtain feedback at any time. They also take over the professional supervision of the teachers.

Our support concept is rounded off by a support team that takes care of all matters relating to the technology and the operation of the learning platform and the e-campus. Support is available for all organisational matters. This applies to applications, certificates or tips about financing, among other things. Like our Study coaches and Co., you can contact the competent team via the student dashboard of the e-campus as well as by email and telephone.

Well advised at any time with our Study coaches

Do you have general questions about the program or do you need support in choosing a suitable topic for your thesis? You have come to the right place with our student advisors. A comprehensive advice system is part of our comprehensive support concept that gives you the opportunity to ask your questions digitally or to get advice in a personal conversation. You can choose between different communication channels.

We are there for you via:

  • E-mail Chat
  • The course forums
  • Telephone
  • Video conference


Written inquiries are answered within a very short time and we hold discussions within our business hours. With our Study Coaches, teachers, module coordinators and the support team, you will receive first-class support and a competent contact person for each area on your way to a new, successful future. That is studying today.

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