B.Sc. Business Administration

Distance Learning Business Administration - Steering and Managing Business Processes

One field, endless possibilities - no other course of study offers as many potential work areas and development opportunities as business administration. Our English-language flexible distance learning program prepares you ideally for a career in managing business processes. The program combines generic management with specializations of your choice, allowing you to delve deeper into specific areas and tailor your education to your career goals.

Additionally, you have three different options for completing the program: 100% online (Digital Track), one semester at the ISM Campus Berlin or Dortmund (On-Campus Track), or with an additional internship (Practical Track). Depending on the path chosen, the number of elective modules also varies. This allows you to customize and flexibly structure your studies. From marketing to financial management to an introduction to psychology, you choose the focus areas you want to have in your studies.

Important for you: As a German university, we teach "German business studies" or business administration with an European understanding of economics.


What will you learn in the distance learning program Business Administration at ISM?

During the program, you will gain valuable insights into strategies for business success. These strategies will equip you with the necessary tools to navigate the business landscape effectively. Through our curriculum, you will acquire competencies in management and control. These competencies will enable you to handle various aspects of running a business, including planning, finance, and leadership.

Upon completion of the program, you will possess the skills to steer business processes in companies and organizations. You will understand how to analyze and optimize these processes for efficient operations and success.

After completing your degree, there are a variety of opportunities in which industry you can work. The flexible distance learning program Business Administration provides you with all the necessary skills to start your career successfully in the field of business administration. Whether in marketing, corporate management, sales, or human resources - you have a choice of diverse areas.

You will complete the flexible distance learning program Business Administration after 6 semesters (full-time variant) and earn the academic degree "Bachelor of Science Business Administration".


You have the choice - shape your studies with various elective courses

If you are interested in a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, you have a variety of exciting elective courses available to deepen your knowledge and skills in various areas of business administration. These elective courses allow you to focus on specific topics and areas that particularly interest you and in which you want to further develop your expertise.

The twelve elective courses for the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration cover a wide range of subjects. Here they are at a glance:

  • Brand Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Digital Brand Communication
  • Digital Business Models
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Financial Management
  • International Financial Reporting
  • Media & Communication
  • Occupational & Organizational Psychology
  • Corporate Communication (digital & practical track only)
  • International Financial Management (digital & practical track only)
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Distance learning Business Administration at a glance

Standard period of study

Standard period of study

6 semesters, flexible schedule
Start of semester

Start of semester

at any time, for the first time in fall 2024


Bachelor of Science


100 % English
Study location

Study location

100 % online study, location-independent


Ongoing accreditation procedure
Tuition fees

Tuition fees

  • Different cost models to choose from
Admission requirement

Admission requirement

General qualification for university entrance and English B2. Our degree programs are not restricted by a numerus clausus (NC).

Choose your path: digital, practical or on campus!

Digital Track

Choose eight electives (out of 12) and study as flexibly as possible: you decide which subjects fit best and when you study them. Price full-time: 13,320 € (plus registration and thesis fee)


Practical Track

Choose two electives (out of 12) and earn 30 ECTS (= one semester) by completing an internship. In this way, you gain practical experience alongside your flexible studies. Price full-time: 11,820 € (plus enrolment and thesis fee) (for this program the tuition fees are reduced by 1,500 €; during your internship you only pay 120 €/month or, if you receive credit for a previous internship, a one-off 720 €)



Choose five electives (out of 10) and study a full-time semester from mid-September to mid-December at one of our beautiful ISM campuses in Berlin or Dortmund. You will be in Germany for three months and are therefore entitled to a Schengen visa. This gives you the best combination of a digital and on-site study program. Price full-time: 16,800 € (plus enrolment and thesis fee) (already incl. 3,480 € additional fee for your semester on campus)


Overview - Costs for a Bachelor's program (Digital Track)


  • 6  –  Semesters
  • 30  –  ECTS per Semester

  • 300 €  –  Registration fee
  • 300 €  –  Registration fee Thesis

  • 13.920 €  –  Total price
370 €/Month

Register by 31 July, start your studies by 1 December at the latest and automatically save €1,000!

Part-time I (fast)

  • 9  –  Semesters
  • 20  –  ECTS per Semester

  • 300 €  –  Registration fee
  • 300 €  –  Registration fee Thesis

  • 14.910 €  –  Total price
265 €/Month

Register by 31 July, start your studies by 1 December at the latest and automatically save €1,000!

Part-time II (slow)

  • 12  –  Semesters
  • 15  –  ECTS per Semester

  • 300 €  –  Registration fee
  • 300 €  –  Registration fee Thesis

  • 16.080 €  –  Total price
215 €/Month

Register by 31 July, start your studies by 1 December at the latest and automatically save €1,000!

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B.Sc. Business Administration

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