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The ISM e-campus – multimedia learning at a high level


The core of your distance learning is the study portal. It is divided into the e-campus and the ISM learning platform. Here you will find all the learning content of the modules, get in contact with teachers or students, manage your data and take your online exams during distance learning. As you can see, the study portal is the central point of your studies.

  • Explanatory videos
  • Animations
  • Case studies
  • Exercises

Everything can be easily accessed via the study portal – 24 hours a day, from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.


You can manage your studies via the e-campus. Here you can register for modules or for exams and view your results. Just like on a "real" campus, you can exchange information with tutors, professors and other students on your personal e-campus, including a digital coffee break. You can also reach our Study coaches via the e-campus.


Learning platform

Webinars, masterclasses and live seminars turn the learning platform into your "virtual classroom". Together with other students, you will meet here in small seminar groups for exciting lectures by the professors. The webinars are ideal for digging deeper into topics and gaining insight into the research and projects of our teachers.



The functions of your e-campus at ISM

When you register for your distance learning program, you will get access to your personal e-campus. There you will find an overview of your modules and examination results, and you can download all certificates. You can access the ISM learning platform directly via the e-campus. All data stored are encrypted and absolutely secure. You can log into your personal area of the e-campus from all end devices by entering your login data. Only you have access here! If you have problems logging into the e-campus, please contact our support team.

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The e-campus and the ISM learning platform have the following functions available for you:

  • Download learning content and use the additional teaching material.
  • Register for modules and exams.
  • Submit your practice tasks or homework.
  • Take the exam in your distance learning online.
  • Find out your grades for term papers and exams by the view grades feature.
  • Maintain an overview of your accumulated credits.
  • Organize your complete program.
  • Manage your data.
  • Communicate with the ISM and the other students.

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